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Cases Snapshots

Attorney Sheldon Tashman believes in winning for his clients.  Here are 14 examples among the thousands of cases he has represented, showing the type of case and the settlement or judgment his clients received.

1. Vidal vs. Melrose Site D-I Houses
Construction accident, paraplegic.
$4.9 million

2. Sossa vs. Eldor Contracting Corp., et al.
Bicycle accident, paraplegic.                   
$2 million

3. Michaels vs. Ten Seventy One Home Corp., et al.
Lead paint poisoning, infant.
$1.2 million

4. Suggs vs. Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center
Medical malpractice, brain-damaged baby.
$7.5 million

5. Moran vs. Neighborhood Youth & Family Services Inc., et al.
Construction accident.
$5.5 million

6. Martinez vs. Central Brooklyn Medical Group, P.C., et al.
Malpractice, failure to diagnose breast cancer.
$1.5 million

7. Rivera vs. Loco Realty Corp.
Lead paint poisoning, infant.
$2.75 million

8. Rosado vs. St. Lee Realty Inc.
Premises accident, fractured hip.

9. Amandola vs. Bear Sterns and LaGuardia Medical Group, et al.
Fall at work and malpractice, shoulder impingement. 
$1.2 million

10. Medrano vs. Kram Mars Realty Co., et al.
Lead paint poisoning, infant.

11. Feliz vs. New York Presbyterian Hospital
Malpractice, brain-damaged baby.   
$8 million

12. Heiman vs. City of New York
Fall on city walkside, lower back injury.
$1 million

13. Mata vs. 2015 University Properties Corp., et al.
Lead paint poisoning, infant.    
$2.8 million

14. Alvarado vs. 35 Hamilton Realty Co, et al.
Lead paint poisoning, child.

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