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Sheldon Tashman.  An attorney with experience and compassion.

Attorney Sheldon Tashman grew up in Miami.  He earned his BBA at Tulane University then attended Brooklyn Law School, where he obtained his Juris Doctorate degree.  In 1970, he opened his private practice to specialize in personal injury law.

As a result of a close family member sustaining brain damage at birth, he learned the medical aspects of such cases and got involved in the community of children with learning disabilities and special needs.

This experience led Sheldon to the truth that each case is unique, and that the people involved in each case deserve the utmost compassion and dedicated commitment from their attorneys.

With his private practice located at 3 West 35th Street in New York City, Sheldon has handled approximately 100 cases involving medical staff charged with obstetric malpractice (improper labor and delivery; improper pre-natal care) and children who were poisoned and left with brain damage from exposure to lead paint.

Sheldon has also handled several thousand personal injury cases of all types including construction accidents; accidents involving labor law; premises, automobile, city sidewalk injuries; accidents involving schools and school boards; lack of proper supervision; and more.

Across four decades of practice, Sheldon has represented more than 2,000 clients, taken well over 100 verdicts, selected juries in hundreds of cases and initiated several dozen appeals.

Associations and highlights

  • Affiliated with the New York State Bar Association since 1980; member of the bar’s Personal Injury and Compensation Committee for many years.    
  • Member of the New York City Trial Lawyers Association, with a seat on its Personal Injury Committee.
  • Member of the Judiciary Committee of the City of New York Bar Association for five years.  This committee interviews and evaluates candidates for judicial office.        
  • Served as a voluntary pro bono (free) attorney following 9/11 for the Federal Compensation Statute that compensated victims and their families.       
  • Served as attorney for presidential candidate John Kerry and was part of the Florida Legal Rights Committee.  This work involved learning Florida voting law and being on-site at a Miami precinct to protect the rights of voters who were being improperly denied their vote.       

If you’re seeking an attorney to work with you and for you, call and request a free consultation today.  Attorney Tashman will take the time to explain your legal options and rights and advise you on the best way to proceed with your case.

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